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Vanessa Luobikis

Artist Profile

Vanessa Luobikis

“When I draw I feel calm and in control”

Vanessa Luobikis started drawing before she can remember and now paints canvases and makes sculptures. Vanessa draws to make her own stories and characters and she feels calm and in control when she draws. Her ideas come from video and computer games and from her own mind. She would love for her art to lead to something like game design or becoming a comic artist.

Vanessa’s art focuses on characters and their stories, some of which would be considered fan art and some that are completely new characters. She does art at school and art class where she gets help to explore different types or art and materials. She would love study art at TAFE after she leaves school. This page is Vanessa’s first public display of her art and she wants to explore producing copies of her artworks on canvas or greeting cards and stationery. When she doesn’t create she loves playing with her two dogs, spending time with her family and friends and also playing video games like Minecraft, Plants v Zombies and Rain World.

Vanessa’s Artwork