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Employment Resources

At Spectrum Space, we are committed to improving opportunities for people on the autism spectrum, helping them to gain skills and experience and increased access to employment.

We engage with employers from a wide range of industries to increase employment opportunities, and have developed resources and tools to help them recruit and retain neurodiverse employees. Spectrum Space also offers consultancy services to employers to help them successfully employ neurodiverse individuals.

The Neurodiversity Online Assessment Tool (NOAT) is a free tool developed by Spectrum Space and Harrier Group to help employers understand if their workplace is autism friendly. It is also essential pre-coursework for our employer training courses, helping us to understand where your organisation’s opportunities for improvement lie.

The NOAT is completely confidential, only takes a few minutes to complete and you will be emailed a copy of your assessment outcome.

Spectrum Space has also developed an Employee Profile Tool Kit, which helps identify employee strengths and challenges, increasing understanding between employers and employees and facilitating the development of a reasonable accommodation plan where needed. The Employee Profile also helps identify opportunities for up skilling and advancement in the workforce.

Spectrum Space’s mission is to keep developing high quality resources – please help us achieve this goal by considering a small tax deductable donation by clicking the below button.