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Employment Consultancy Services

The more diverse your business is, the more you will outperform your peers.

Innovative, successful businesses increasingly rely on a diverse workforce. A groundswell of research and initiatives by business thought leaders supports the notion that autistic employees can positively influence efficiency and profitability.

Employees with ASD on average performed better than their counterparts without ASD in some areas including attention to detail, work ethic and quality of work.

Source: BCEC Autism in the Workplace Report

So how do you harness this amazing potential and what do you do when things go wrong?  In February 2020, we held three Neurodiversity in the Workplace forums in partnership with Harrier Group at Brookfield Place, Perth. These innovative workshops provided executives and HR professionals with strengths-based solutions to recruiting and onboarding neurodiverse individuals, leaving them with a workable strategic approach. From these forums, Spectrum Space developed consulting services to employers, helping them successfully employ neurodiverse individuals. We provide organisations with the valuable information they need to increase productivity and drive efficiencies by embracing true diversity.

Future-proof your workplace and move neurodiverse employment out of the ‘too hard basket’ and into the ‘must have basket’ – we’re here to support your organisation to eliminate barriers and create a workplace where everyone is at home.

Our services can be tailored to your needs and include:

  • Autism awareness training
  • Supervisory and workforce training and support
  • Strategy development to accommodate neurodiverse employees
  • Autism identity and self-awareness for neurodiverse employees
  • Review of work and HR processes using the Universal Design Framework
  • Provision of resources such as Neurodiversity Online Assessment Tool and Employment Profile Tool Kit

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