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Andrea Jones is Skydiving for Autism West


A skydive is on many people’s bucket lists, but if I’m honest it hasn’t really been a priority for me, because I’m absolutely petrified of heights.

During my year off from work I decided I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and really push myself. So crazily I decided what better way to face my fear of heights than throwing myself out of a plane with only some material and a mentalist attached to me (yes it will be a tandem, I’m not that brave). The very thought does make my blood run cold, but I’m doing it for a good cause, which means there will be no turning back. 

I will be raising monies for Autism West and the amazing social groups that they run.

Like ‘Step into Social’, a fortnightly social group for young adults on the autism spectrum, where they get to experience and learn new things like film making.

Experiences like this are invaluable as they help to build confidence and the learning of new skills. And making friends and having fun at the same time is a bonus.

To keep these groups running we need funding, which isn’t provided by the government but through sponsorships and generous donations from supporters like you.

Your support will contribute to helping keep our life-changing social groups running.

Side note from the Autism West Team: We plan to strap our recently purchased GoPro camera to Andrea so we can see her skydive first hand!


Day of Jump: At the end of April, early May, depends on the weather

Height of jump: 14,000 feet

Fundraising goal: $1,500

To raise by: End of April

To donate please visit: https://www.givematcher.com.au/fundraisers/autism-west-needs-your-support