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Spectrum Space understands the power of connection. We appreciate that we are better, together.

We work with people on the autism spectrum. Through our social and advocacy groups we provide social and learning opportunities, preparing people to maximise the opportunities that life presents and providing access to the same opportunities as anyone else.

We invest in skills development and community education, and are proud to offer a range of exciting services and opportunities for the corporate, educational, not-for-profit and government sectors that helps accommodate for and embrace neurodiverse people. This includes our employment consultancy service for organisations employing a neurodiverse workforce or those who are planning to.

We invite the corporate sector to partner with us to do things differently, and have developed the Neurodiversity Online Assessment Tool (NOAT) in partnership with Harrier Group. The tool is designed to help employers understand if their workplace is autism friendly and where opportunities for improvement lie within their organisation.

We coordinate the annual Spectrum Space Symposium, the must-attend event for anyone with an interest in autism. The Symposium brings lived experience together with educators, business leaders, healthcare professionals and service providers to explore the challenges and opportunities for our community, in particular people with autism and those who work and live with them.

We provide opportunities through our Councils and The Awesome Productions Company for people with autism to develop skills, have a voice and spread awareness.

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Our Services

  • Social Groups

    Designed for specific age ranges, Spectrum Space's social groups connect people with autism with others in a social context.

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  • Education & Training

    Spectrum Space addresses the growing need for autism awareness training and education across many stakeholder groups within the community, including individuals, families and carers, government departments, corporates and schools.

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  • Life Skills

    Our life skills courses uses a strengths-based approach to develop self-determination, soft skill strategies to address societal barriers and hard skills to successfully navigate independent living, deal with change and thrive.

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  • Employment Consultancy Services

    Innovative, successful businesses increasingly rely on a diverse workforce. A groundswell of research and initiatives by business thought leaders supports the notion that autistic employees can positively influence efficiency and profitability.

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  • Spectrum Space Symposium

    The Symposium is the only annual event of its kind in Australia and showcases local, national and international expert speakers, many with lived experience, exploring the opportunities and challenges for people with autism and those who work and live with them.

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  • NOAT

    The NOAT is a free tool, developed to help employers understand if their workplace is autism friendly.

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  • Awesome Productions Company

    An initiative that provides a platform for participants with entrepreneurial potential to make products based around their areas of interest and to engage within a business model for prospective customers.

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  • Spectrum Space Women’s & Youth Advisory Councils

    Spectrum Space takes its mandate from the community it represents and these councils form an integral part of how we serve that community and raise awareness about autism, its opportunities and challenges.

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