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To Spectrum Space, people living with autism possess unique skills that can bring great benefits to the workplace, community and relationships. Spectrum Space hosts a range of innovative and exciting educational and community events designed to inform, increase awareness, challenge current thinking and sometimes just have fun together!

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  • Spectrum Space Symposium 2022

    The annual Spectrum Space Symposium is a signature event for anyone with an interest in autism, its opportunities and challenges

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  • A Re-imagined Dream

    A Neurodiverse Telling of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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  • Telethon Holiday Makers Program

    The Telethon Holiday Makers Program offers a range of activities during the school holidays

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  • Awesome Productions Company

    An initiative that provides a platform for participants with entrepreneurial potential to make products based around their areas of interest and to engage within a business model for prospective customers.

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  • Past Events

    Spectrum Space is proud to have hosted a number of innovative community and business events

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