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Humble Bundle

You can support Spectrum Space by buying videogames! No we are not joking, thanks to Humble Bundle you can donate to charities when buying games, ebooks, software and other digital content from their website.

The Humble community has contributed over $200,000,000 US dollars to charity since launching in 2010.

Donations made via Humble are anonymous, Spectrum Space receives none of your information. It can also take up to three months for Spectrum Space to receive the funds, though 50-55 days is the average.

Purchasing a Bundle

When purchasing a bundle from Humble, just below the “Checkout” button is “Charity Information“, unless you have a preferred charity (more on that later), it will list Humble’s chosen charity for this bundle. You can change the selected charity and choose from the thousands of charities as part of the PayPal Giving Fund.

Most of the time you can even adjust how much money does to Humble, publishers or charity. Just above “Charity Information” is a collapsed box called “Adjust Donation” click on this to set how much you want to go and where to.

Purchasing in Humble Store

If you are buying from the Humble Store, 10% of your purchase can either be credited into your digital wallet to save on future purchases, be donated to charity, or a bit of both.

Setting a Preferred Charity

Do you want to always donate to the same charity?

After logging in to your account, head to your Settings page.
Scroll down to “Charity Contribution“.
Check for the “Charity Preference” option.