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Introducing Gabriella LaBianca

Gabriella LaBianca

This week in our ‘About Autism West’ series we introduce you to Gabriella LaBianca, our Executive Officer.

Having been with Autism West for over 7 years, Gabriella’s role has morphed and changed as the organisation and team has grown. Regardless, Gabriella’s main focus has always been providing excellent service, be it to clients, volunteers or the wider community, as well as a warm and nurturing presence to the growing team.

I love working at Autism West as it’s a dynamic, dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers who are all so keen to help others! I enjoy the constantly evolving workplace – there is always something new happening which is fun and interesting and also a challenge. Being able to help people, even sometimes if it is in a little way, is also very rewarding.

Whilst at University, Gabriella studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Behavioural Science with a minor in Theatre Studies;

I studied theatre at University as I was keen on it after being a part of a local theatre company throughout my schooling years, however once I started the Behavioural Science units my interests changed.

Prior to University, Gabriella studied a Diploma in Children Services and worked with babies, kids and teens across a range of environments.

Gabriella has a range of experience with people on the autism spectrum, having relatives on the spectrum, as well as having helped out at a local church where she lead Sunday School to a group of the students, including one who had autism.

Gabriella believes the services Autism West provides adds value to the community as well as the lives of people affected by autism by providing meaningful social opportunities, workshops, conferences and more;

It is wonderful to see our clients come out of their shell and increase in confidence throughout the term.

Thank you Gabriella!