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Meet Our Operations Manager, Louise Sheehy

Louise Sheehy joined Autism West in October 2015 as our Operations Manager. One of the main areas she oversees is the service delivery of our social groups.

“I’m Irish! I have two fantastic boys who are the loves of my life and on our holidays, we love exploring all that this gorgeous State has to offer.

I’m passionate about all individuals deserving their dreams, aspirations and aims to be recognised and given the opportunity to develop to their individual potential. Equality can only contribute to the enrichment of society for now and into the future. I love the individual personalities I meet along the way, as well as the diversity of thinking.

My last job was in Ireland at Galway Autism Partnership, of which I was a founding member, coordinating the organisation for three years. Moving to Western Australia, I love working at Autism West, concentrating on what our members enjoy and are good at, as well as creating a space for our members to belong, be celebrated and grow.

Listening to some of our amazing young adults address the public on what their experiences of living with autism at our Autism West Symposium was the highlight of 2016 for me.

In 2017, I’m looking forward to establishing the Autism West Youth Council to further enhance the voice of our young members on the spectrum. Watch this space for more details coming to you in 2017!”