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Introducing you to Trudi-Anne Gribble

Introducing you to Trudi-Anne Gribble

This week in our ‘About Autism West’ series, we introduce you to Trudi-Anne Gribble.

Trudi is a Group Leader/ Support person who has been with Autism West for 2 years.

I facilitate and run 3 groups: Awesome Mosman Park, Awesome Willetton and YES Group Willetton.

I love people of all types, but am particularly drawn to working with those with disabilities. My aim is to assist and support those with and without disabilities as best as I can, not only children, Young adults, and adults who have Autism, but also parents and family members.

Trudi grew up with a sister with Tourette Syndrome and learnt a lot about the difficulties (social, emotional, mental and physical) many with disabilities overcome.

Her husband and daughter have high functioning Autism, and so she see’s firsthand the issues and benefits that can arise from being on the autistic spectrum from the perspective of a parent, partner and employer.

Aside from her work with Autism West, Trudi is also the director of the family business (Non Destructive Testing Business) with her husband (a mechanical Engineer) and daughter (studying Clinical Psychology). On top of that, she is also a trained ceramics teacher;

I have a studio where I pursue my crafts as a hobby, but I do sell some of my creations and teach people when I can. I would like to be able to share that creativity with people on the spectrum.