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Say hello to Spectrum Space

Spectrum Space is Western Australia’s newest disability service provider – a familiar face with a new name!

Autism West is marking the next phase in its development and service to WA with an important name change that better represents the wide range of people finding ‘a place and a space to shine’ with this exceptional organisation now to be known as Spectrum Space.

The new name comes after members were given the opportunity to provide inspiration and ideas – and it didn’t take long before they hit the jackpot.

“We wanted a name that encapsulated everything we are about rather than just one aspect of our services and activities,” explained Louise Sheehy, CEO of Spectrum Space.

“There are thousands of people in our community – many of whom may be undiagnosed and others who don’t identify as autistic or prefer not to use labels.

“So we wanted a name that highlights an inclusive community organisation where everyone belongs and can find the resources, support and inspiration to shine in their own individual way.”

Social group participant and Youth Advisory Council member Elias Joslin has made his mark by suggesting the new name.

“The old Autism West provided me with a welcoming place to establish new friendships, build confidence and discover my own unique strengths,” he said.

“And the name Spectrum Space is a great way to describe all of that – it’s a space to find your place!”

Within 15 years, Spectrum Space has grown from a small, member-led group to an established not-for-profit organisation and innovative NDIS disability service provider that now has close to 2,000 members – all with their own unique strengths and capabilities. 

“Our new name builds upon our history and sets us up for an exciting future as we work to support many more individuals and families in Western Australia,” said Louise Sheehy.

“Our new name has provided a spring in our step and great motivation to push the envelope even further – and we hope all our members and supporters embrace the concept as well as the name, Spectrum Space.”

With the support of the Western Australian community, Spectrum Space can continue to build a place where everyone is accepted, celebrated and supported, and where health care workers, educators, families and carers can also develop their capacity and capabilities. 

To show your support, donations can be made by visiting the Spectrum Space GiveNow campaign.