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Autism Awareness for Schools & Community Stakeholders

“I would definitely recommend the training, it provided me with a new understanding of why a person with Autism may respond in a particular way to a specific question just due to the language used in the question.” – Participant from Midway Community Care

Co-designed and facilitated by individuals on the spectrum together with experienced educators, our training offers participants an alternative way of viewing autism.

Introducing a strengths-based approach to working with children and adults with autism, training references practical considerations to help understand how autism affects the individual. It also offers strategies to support individuals by utilising their strengths and to overcome any challenges they encounter. This approach has been validated by our research partner Curtin University. To find out more about the approach, click here.

Covering a range of topics based around the social model of disability, the ultimate aim is to help participants understand how autism affects the people they work with, how to manage and plan for different situations, and to build confidence in delivering practical solutions to any challenges.

Topics include the below, but can also be tailored to your needs:


  • How best I learn – autism and schooling
  • Understanding and dealing with behaviours
  • The built environment – simple accommodations
  • Sensory processing – practical solutions
  • Planning and management
  • Communication and relationships
  • Social model of disability
  • Executive functioning and work processes

Community Stakeholders

  • Autism and neurodiversity 
  • Sensory processing 
  • Planning and management 
  • Communication and relationships 
  • Supervisory role 
  • Executive functioning and work processes 

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