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Autism Awareness and Neurodiversity Workshop

Autism Awareness and Neurodiversity Workshop

Our Autism Awareness & Neurodiversity Workshop is co-designed and delivered by a facilitator with lived experience. Content is evidence-based, and we use a neuro-afforming, strengths based approach. This workshop aims to reframe perception and improve understanding of autism and neurodiversity by discussing the main areas of difference, and providing awareness of how neurodivergent individuals may experience the workplace. Participants will also explore the concepts of inclusion and accommodation by identifying and removing potential barriers in the workplace. Participants will also gain insight and knowledge that can be applied to their daily work routines, equipping them with the skills necessary to foster an inclusive and productive workplace for everyone.

Workshop Content

Introduction to autism and neurodiversity
The social and physical environment
Supporting psychosocial and emotional wellbeing of employees in the workplace
Preventing and managing escalation
Understanding communication
How to support executive functioning and sensory processing challenges
Q&A with lived experienced facilitator
Target Audience
This workshop can be tailored for a specific cohort whether it be a team of managers, team leaders or employees.

Duration & Delivery
The duration of the workshop is flexible. This is dependent on content required.
This workshop can be delivered in-person or virtually. We can use our virtual platforms or your organisations depending on your preference.
Group Size
This workshop can accommodate up to 50 participants. The minimum number of participants is 5.

We are keen to ensure the information shared is relevant to each workplace/context. If you would like to find out more, we can arrange a no obligation online meeting or phone call, so you can ask questions and we can gain a clear understanding of what your team requires.

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Spectrum Space Inc. is not a Registered Training Organisation. Workshop content has been gathered by advocating, working, and collaborating with the autistic community for over 20 years; and via research and project collaboration with the Curtin Autism Research Group (CARG).