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Step Into Social – 18+ years

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and enthusiasm in facilitating these social events. Thank you for giving our daughter something to look forward to every fortnight. Without people like yourself and organisations willing to initiate such programs our awesome young adults would not be able to reap these wonderful opportunities that they so deserve. To gain some social independence and sense of belonging.” – Mother of a Step into Social program participant

At Spectrum Space we like to do things a little differently.

Step Into Social (SIS) is a social program for adults 18+ on the autism spectrum. The program is not therapeutic, instead we use a strengths-based approach to concentrate on the inherent strengths an individual has with the goal to focus on the positive.

The overall aim of the programs is to engage and motivate, encourage social connection and to build feelings of self-worth and to create a space for adults to socialise with others and enjoy all of what Perth has to offer.

Step into Social programs take place fortnightly on a Saturday in Fremantle, Marangaroo and Rockingham and are run with the active involvement of program members, with Spectrum Space staff facilitating activities the program members agree on. These programs are great places to develop friendships while enjoying various activities, meals and excursions and, where possible, we support the delivery of special projects such as coding, art and film-making.

Adults interested in leadership opportunities can join our advisory council, which aim to contribute actively to Spectrum Space through public speaking, research projects and events.

All of our programs are facilitated by qualified and talented professionals with autism experience, who aim to build participants’ confidence and self-esteem and reinforce the message that we all have talents and strengths.

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