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A Life-Long Love for The Wiggles

Charlie, Julian with The Wiggles

Charlie and Julian are participants of Autism West’s Creative Skills program and together share a mutual love for The Wiggles, being fans of group since they were 2 years old.

They have attended every Wiggles concert and together have every video, DVD and CD The Wiggles have ever produced. They have also visited Wiggle World in Queensland, and have seen changes to the groups line-up over the many years.

Charlie is the performer of the group, especially when a Wiggles song is on. He thoroughly enjoys singing, dancing and assisting in choreographing others to perform alongside him.

Julian enjoys performing, and is in his element when encouraging others to join in singing and dancing.

Julian and Charlie have even formed a Wiggles band, with Julian as Anthony, the Blue Wiggle, and Charlie as Greg, the Yellow Wiggle. They practice singing and dancing together and have even made a cardboard big red car!

Charlie and Julian recently got the chance to see The Wiggles in Perth, thanks to our Community Partners, VenuesWest.

VenuesWest is making a huge effort to understand and accommodate people with autism at their events. They provided Charlie, Julian and their families an awesome experience in the corporate box at Perth Arena, helping to make seeing their life long idols more enjoyable and stress-free.

As a bonus, the boys got to meet The Wiggles the next day, and were so excited and a little star struck!!! Julian got to have a chat with his favourite and original Blue Wiggle ‘Anthony Field’, and even got his CD’s signed.

Julian and Anthony, the Blue Wiggle

The boys biggest wish is to visit the Hot Potato Studio in Sydney to watch The Wiggles record – and perhaps even record their own single!

About the Autism West Creative Skills Program

The Autism West Creative Skills program was established in August 2016 to provide a service for adults (18-30) on the autism spectrum with complex needs.

The Creative Skills program allows participants to be themselves in a setting that enriches their lives while through exploring their individual interests as well as providing the opportunity to discover new special interests.

One of the focal special interests identified by the group members has been music and dance, with The Wiggles being the most popular group by far for song choice by its members.

Click here for more information about the Creative Skills program, and how you can get involved.