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Women’s Council & Youth Council

Spectrum Space derives its mandate from the community it represents – we are passionate about listening to you!

Women’s Council

Spectrum Space’s Women’s Council was formed by a group of women with lived experience to raise the profile of women with autism in Western Australia. At present many women and girls face difficult and lengthy journeys to diagnosis due to many complex factors such as masking and lack of awareness of female presentation of autism in the medical profession. The Women’s Council is working to raise awareness of this issue to a wide range of stakeholders and is developing a presentation for undergraduates in occupational therapy, and related professions, about how to better support women with autism to faster and easier receive a diagnosis.

For more information about the Women’s Council, please contact info@spectrumspace.org.au.

If you would like to join please use the form below.

Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

Youth Advisory Councils (YACs) are groups that actively seek to engage young people by involving them in decision making and give them a voice. YACs can run either formally or informally and meet on a regular basis.

The main aim of a YAC is youth engagement; giving young people a voice, an opportunity to discuss issues and topics important to them, and a space to be heard and understood. Young people are often not considered in the decision making processes in government and organisations resulting in decisions being made for them. Youth Advisory Councils give youth the ability to be active members of their communities and organisations they are involved in.

Spectrum Space has created a Youth Advisory Council for young people attending our social groups to provide a place where they can be themselves in an environment they feel most comfortable. Our YAC also acts as an important vehicle of governance for Spectrum Space to ensure participant voices are heard at all levels of the organisation. It allows young adults to discuss social issues they are facing and provides them with the skills and confidence to be able to overcome them. The Spectrum Space YAC is primarily youth run with some guidance from Spectrum Space staff, some of which have lived experience. The council members and staff are involved in all aspects of the YAC; taking minutes, setting agendas and running meetings.

The Spectrum Space YAC provides:

  • A safe place
  • A sense of community
  • Opportunities to learn new skills
  • Discussions with like-minded individuals
  • Confidence building
  • A place to connect and build relationships
Tate Foundation

We are grateful to the Tate Family Foundation
for their support of the YAC.

For more information about the Youth Advisory Council, please contact info@spectrumspace.org.au or view our YAC Manual.

If you would like to join please use the form below.