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YES Group – 13-18 years

At Spectrum Space we like to do things a little differently.

YES Group is a social and special interest group for 13-18 year olds on the autism spectrum. The group is not therapeutic, instead we use a strengths-based approach to concentrate on the inherent strengths an individual has with the goal to focus on the positive.

Centred around the interests of the individual, YES group is where you can come and have fun, develop new friendships and learn new skills, doing the things teenagers like doing! It enables you to begin to apply social skills in a natural conversational environment. We aim to help you build your confidence, self-esteem and to identify your strengths, strengths that may develop into a hobby, study area or even a career. That is why we invite YOU to make the decisions on what you would like to do throughout term, both individually and as a group. Some of the teens in YES group go on to join the Spectrum Space Youth Advisory Council to further develop leadership, public speaking and project management skills.

What if I am older than 18?

YES group acts as a feeder into Step Into Social (SIS) social groups, designed for 18 to 30 year olds. This is where your journey continues.

All of our groups are facilitated by qualified and talented professionals with autism experience, who aim to build participants’ confidence and self-esteem and reinforce the message that we all have talents and strengths.

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